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Eyewear isn’t just a necessity but a fashion statement that reflects your unique style. We take pride in curating a stunning collection of prescription glasses and sunglasses. From the playful designs of Pepe Jeans to the timeless elegance of Givenchy, we’ve got the perfect frames to elevate your look. Dive into luxury eyewear with brands like Chloe, Montblanc, Fendi, Celine, and Gucci, or independent brands such as Etnia Barcelona and Face a Face, offering a blend of sophistication and clarity. Step into our world, where each pair tells a story, and your style takes center stage. Here are the brands we carry:

Etnia Barcelona

Indulge in the vibrant world of Etnia Barcelona, where eyewear is a canvas of vivid creativity. Known for their unique styles and daring color palettes, each pair tells a story of bold individuality. Crafted with high-quality materials and often embracing eco-friendly practices, Etnia Barcelona seamlessly combines fashion and sustainability. Dive into the world of eyewear that’s as unique as you are.



Chloe, synonymous with effortless Parisian chic, brings you eyewear that’s a fusion of luxury and contemporary charm. Explore their frames, characterized by soft lines, subtle colors, and a nod to vintage aesthetics. Crafted with precision and an eye for detail, Chloe eyewear embodies the brand’s rich fashion heritage while offering a fresh perspective for those who appreciate refined elegance.


Step into the world of Montblanc, where sophistication and timeless design meet unparalleled craftsmanship. Montblanc eyewear, a true testament to their heritage of luxury, boasts impeccable styles and premium materials. The refined color palette and attention to detail echo the brand’s commitment to excellence, making each pair a statement of discerning taste.

Maui Jim

Experience the sun-soaked elegance of Maui Jim eyewear, where fashion meets functionality. Known for their innovative lens technology and vibrant styles, Maui Jim sunglasses are a must-have for those who appreciate quality with a touch of adventure. Embrace the brand’s commitment to high-quality materials, offering not just style but exceptional visual clarity under the sun.

Pepe Jeans

Pepe Jeans eyewear brings a youthful, free-spirited vibe to your collection. With a playful approach to design and a spectrum of colors, these frames capture the essence of casual chic. Crafted from top-notch materials, Pepe Jeans eyewear is not just a style statement but a celebration of carefree fashion and individual expression.

Saint Laurent YSL 

Indulge in the timeless allure of Saint Laurent eyewear, where every frame exudes Parisian sophistication. With a rich history in fashion design, Saint Laurent presents eyewear that’s both classic and contemporary. Meticulously crafted with an emphasis on high-quality materials, these frames are a nod to the brand’s iconic legacy.


Enter the world of Balenciaga eyewear, where innovation and modern aesthetics converge. Known for pushing the boundaries of fashion, Balenciaga frames offer a bold, avant-garde statement. The use of high-quality materials and a fearless approach to design make Balenciaga eyewear a coveted choice for those who seek cutting-edge style.


Gucci is a name synonymous with luxury, brings its iconic style to eyewear. Immerse yourself in a world of opulence, where vibrant colors, intricate detailing, and high-quality materials define each frame. With a rich history in fashion, Gucci eyewear is a testament to the brand’s commitment to exquisite craftsmanship and timeless elegance.


Step into the glamorous universe of Fendi eyewear, where Italian craftsmanship meets avant-garde design. Characterized by bold shapes, vibrant colors, and unique detailing, Fendi frames are a true expression of modern luxury. Crafted with precision and high-quality materials, Fendi eyewear embodies the brand’s legacy of innovation and sophistication.


Celine eyewear invites you into a world of understated elegance and minimalist design. Known for their timeless silhouettes and neutral color palette, Celine frames are a perfect blend of classic and contemporary. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and high-quality materials, Celine eyewear effortlessly captures the essence of refined, sophisticated style.


Experience the epitome of Parisian chic with Givenchy eyewear. Renowned for its bold, edgy designs and a distinctive color palette, Givenchy frames make a powerful fashion statement. With a rich history in haute couture, Givenchy eyewear seamlessly combines high-quality materials with avant-garde aesthetics for a look that’s both daring and elegant.

Fred Eyewear

Welcome to Fred Eyewear, where vintage-inspired design meets modern sophistication. With a nod to classic styles and a commitment to high-quality materials, Fred Eyewear captures the essence of timeless elegance. Each frame tells a story of heritage and craftsmanship, making Fred Eyewear a go-to choice for those who appreciate the artistry of eyewear


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