A Comprehensive Eye Exam Using Cutting-Edge Technology

7-Step Eye Exam

The future in eye exams has arrived to Boca Raton. Powered by 20/20 Now technology, and developed by eye doctors, Mango Optic is able to offer comprehensive eye exams using the latest digital technology . Walk-ins are welcomed.

Step 1

Patient Information & EMR

Our digital eye exam begins with the patient electronically completing a questionnaire to capture their medical history and establish an Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

Step 2

Visual Pre-Testing

An on-site optical assistant uses an autorefractor and autokeratometer to provide an objective baseline reading of the patient’s prescription. If the patient wears glasses, the prescription is read using an auto-lensometer.

Step 3

Eye Health Exam

The on-site optical technician then performs a series of tests to evaluate the patient’s eye health, including tests for glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, and cataracts. The exam includes:

  • Non-contact tonometry to test eye pressure
  • Visual Field Testing to measure peripheral vision
  • Fundus Photography to analyze retina and optic nerve

Step 4

Visual Acuity Testing

Using state-of-the-art digital phoropters, a subjective refraction and clinical vision analysis is performed in the exam room. A remote doctor or technician will use scientific algorithms to guide the process to arrive at the best prescription that optimizes comfort and vision.

Step 5

Live Clinical Review by a Remote Eye Doctor

All data and images from the patient’s medical history and eye exam are securely transferred to a remote Board-certified optometrist or ophthomologist. The doctor reviews the patient’s eye health with them in real-time via HD video conferencing and finalizes their prescription. In addition, our licensed optician conducts an on-site color blind test as part of the eye exam to check for color blindness among our patients.

Step 6

Electronic Medical Records

All data and images from the patient’s medical history, pre-testing, subjective acuity testing, eye health tests, doctor assessment, and final prescription are safely stored in the patient’s EMR. This allows the doctor to easily monitor changes in the patient’s vision and eye health over time.

Step 7

Patient RX and Referral

Within minutes of completing the exam, the doctor electronically sends the patient’s prescription to the location, where it’s printed and given to the patient— allowing them to purchase eyeglasses or contacts while still in the store. The doctor will note any eye health issues and, if needed, after speaking to the patient via live video conferencing will refer the patient for follow-up care.

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